Chair Massage Pillow

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Product Name: Car Massage Pillow

Product packaging: color box

Product model: HT-181

Product Color: Coffee

Product size: 37 * 17 * 11CM

Material: memory cotton + motor

Carton size: 61.5 * 36 * 60CM

Neck and shoulder pain, exhausting work! Either busy or on the way! Want to get a massage but can’t make time? Then, the dual-use massage pillow of the disc car is your choice!
Recommendation 1: Practical baby, even when driving, can do massage, also equipped with 12V car safety power supply for motorists, convenient for tired headache massage during the trip!
Recommendation 2: Small and practical, dual-use at home, whether in the car or at home, massage for 20 minutes a day can promote blood circulation and relieve physical fatigue!
Recommendation 3: Big brands, trustworthy. Jin Yao, a healthy home brand, has guaranteed quality and is assured of use. The overall use of high-grade high-quality PU leather fabric, easy to care, lint-free, and will not appear skin allergies and other adverse reactions.
Recommendation 4: Quick results! The two sets of unique double-head rotating kneading mechanism magic, kneading and simulating traditional kneading massage techniques, have extremely high massage comfort, can accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, quickly eliminate fatigue, neck aches, and stiffness!
1. For home use: Connect the power adapter output plug to the massager, and then insert the input plug into the indoor power socket.
2. For automobile: Connect the car cigarette lighter link cable with the massager, and then insert it into the car cigarette lighter hole. The product is now powered on and is on standby.
3. The massage pillow is equipped with wire control, which is very convenient to operate. Turn the wire control switch of the massage pillow to the “I” or “II” position. Knead and massage.
4. Turn the remote control switch to the “0” position, the massage pillow will stop working.
5. In order to extend the service life of the product, it is recommended to use it for about 15-20 minutes each time. After each use, shut down for half an hour.
Household line 150CM connector line 30CM total length 180CM
Automotive wire 150CM connector line 30CM total length 180CM


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